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As a company owner, I know you still believe in the misconception that allowing your staff to work from home or work remotely will only bring negative results for your company and I fully understand that. You can see that by allowing your staff to work remotely, it is much easier for them to abuse the system.

But what if I tell you that in reality, if you apply enough safety measures and hire the right people, you’ll see exponential results for your company and for you as its owner as well.

I worked and make a living by working online for different online businesses. Based on my experiences, I saw with my own two eyes how a small start-up online company become a million-dollar company in less than a year. So, I can guarantee you, that hiring the right people to work for you in a work-from-home setup is a profitable and not a bad idea.

Reasons why now is the right time to start working online

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many huge companies such as Twitter and Spotify slowly transform their operation into functional online operations that work with individuals from different places who perform different tasks without the need of going to the office.

Companies were forced to work in this manner just to allow their operations to keep going. Because based on the new health protocols in different places in the world, gathering multiple people in one place is were discouraged to prevent the virus from spreading even further. Therefore, companies won’t be able to gather their employees in an office to work. How will they continue their operation? One solution that they saw is allowing their staff to work online using different online task management tools that will keep the task distribution professional and organized just like in a real office setup.

At first, just like you, CEOs are very skeptical about it but shortly after, they noticed that their staff perform two times better. Now, big companies are planning to turn half of their workforce into full-pledged work-from-home employees.

Based on my experiences, I can guarantee you that these are some of the reasons why allowing your team to work remotely can cause great results for your company.

Benefits of work-from-home set-up for the company itself

  • Cost-efficient – One of the greatest perks that I realized when I started to work online is that companies can now hire and work with several employees without the need of renting or owning a huge office since their staff will be working online at their respective homes. If a company doesn’t have a physical office, the company no longer needs to pay for the office’s electrical and water bills. The company no longer needs to buy computers and different types of equipment. Also, the company no longer needs to hire utility personnel to keep the office clean and security personnel to guard the office. In short, by allowing the company staff to work at home, business owners can run their business without spending a huge amount of money on unnecessary expenses. More income, more money to allocate for progressive investments.
  • Happy & Inspired High-performing Employees – I think we can all agree that when you are happy and inspired while doing something, you perform exceptionally well and the result of your hard work will be super impressive. I noticed that one of the most amazing benefits of allowing your team to work remotely is you will make your team feel valued, recognized, and happy. Also, you will give your employees the freedom to work in places that can make them feel inspired or productive such as coffee shops or anywhere they prefer. If your employees feel good while working on your assigned tasks, they will surely finish the tasks earlier than usual and with minimal mistakes unlike when they do the task in a stressful office environment.
  • Lower turnover rate – Based on the surveys, people who work for a work-from-home job tend to stay in the company much longer and I agree with that. Job proficiency takes time, if a company keeps losing staff day by day, that company will suffer in the long run and it may delay the success of the business. Also, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees quit their dream job because they feel undervalued because some companies still obligate them to work in the office despite the threat of getting infected by the virus. This makes the people feel that their company is seeing them as a tool, not as a person and this bad decision from companies make people quit their dream jobs. Richard Branson, a famous English business magnate once said: “a company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product.”
  • Enjoy a Worldwide Pool of Talents – by turning your company into a fully functional online business that works with remote workers (work from home employees), you can now hire professionals and talents from different parts of the world. Based on my experiences, one of the most positive things about hiring talents from different parts of the world is the payment. For example, if you hire a western writer, you have to pay him base on the western country’s rate but if you’re going to hire a person from a different part of the world, you will pay him/her based on the rate of his/her country which is sometimes a little bit less compared to the western country’s rate. You make the same job done, but you pay a little bit less. Isn’t that amazing?

Benefits of working from home for your employees:

  • No Need To Drive or Commute – I worked in a call center company before and I spend hours just to go and leave the office. My 8-hour job became 12 hours; additional 2 hours going to the office and 2 additional hours going home. It makes me feel super tired physically and mentally before I even start working for my job to the point that it really affects my productivity. I know I’m not the only one who’s suffering from these inconveniences, so by allowing your employees to work remotely, they no longer need to deal with traffic so they can spend all of those extra energies and time finishing the tasks you’re going to assign to them.
  • Fewer late or absent – when I was working in a physical office before, late and absenteeism is a huge headache for my manager. Actually, not only for the managers but also for the whole team especially if the person who’s late or absent plays a very important role to finish a certain task. But now when I started working online, I realized that it is much easier for everyone to stay on time and finish the tasks on time because all they need to do is open their computer so they can start working. By working remotely, everyone can now follow the company’s guidelines much easier, therefore it increases the efficiency and productivity of the whole team like how it should be.
  • More time with family – We can all agree that personal problems can make our minds occupied and it may affect our performance. So by allowing your staff to work remotely, they will have more time to resolve their personal problems and more time to spend with their families. By doing it, you are allowing your employees to better themselves so they can serve your company very well.
  • Better Work-Life Balance – whenever I find a job that allows me to make a living and enjoy my life at the same time, of course, I will do my best to stay in that company and to make it prosper. So if you can make your employee do their best to stay in your company, it will cause a much greater result.

Benefits of having remote workers as a business owner

  • Less micromanagement – Working with remote workers allows you to run your business and enjoy your life at the same time. All you have to do is assign their daily task and make sure they finish them. Everything is all good as long as they finish the daily tasks. Also, you no longer need to spend your precious time solving unnecessary problems such as: how their office desks look like, what clothes they are wearing, work floor gossiping, internal conflicts, and much more. By working with remote workers you have more time to focus on yourself and on how you run your business.
  • More time for you to travel – I worked with different bosses before and they all had something in common: they are traveling the world while running their business. Working with remote workers allows them to live this amazing lifestyle because they have more time in their hands and they don’t need to be in an office 24/7.

Obviously, remote work doesn’t work for every job, a doctor can’t perform surgery from home and courts don’t allow lawyers to defend their clients over Zoom just yet (in most countries, anyway).

Now, I can hear you thinking: how can I organize my teams and keep them productive from a distance? It’s actually very simple as all tools you need are readily available and it doesn’t have to cost you anything to start with.

If you’re a company owner and you’re planning to convent your company into a fully functional online business that works with remote workers, here’s a brief introduction and crucial tips that I can give you.

A brief introduction on how to start an online business

  • How can I manage and distribute tasks?

I and my previous employers usually communicate using Zoom, Slack, Skype, Facebook, and more. Using these apps, we do have group chats where everyone in the company can read a message at once so our manager no longer needs to send a message one by one on each of us.

For daily task management, we use Trello, Monday, Asana, and more. If you want an in-depth tutorial about these tools, feel free to check my other tutorials later just [CLICK HERE].

  • How and where to hire exceptional talents?

There are tons of trustworthy websites where you can find dedicated professionals from different parts of the world.

If you’re searching for European talents with specific language skills you search on

If you have a very limited budget and you’re looking for hardworking people, you can hire full-time talents from the Philippines on the as low as $300-$400 monthly.

For one-time gigs like designing a logo or website, you can hire people on

  • How to keep the team balance?

Set daily goals, weekly goals, and monthly goals! Make sure everyone is finishing their task in time and hitting the goals you set individually.

Set a weekly team meeting via video conferencing apps. During the meeting, allow each member of the team to share their struggles and action plans on how they can avoid making the same mistake again.

There are tons of ways to make every member of the team feel like their actually working in a company even if they are really far away from each other. If you want to learn more about it, I also write a blog post about how you can manage a virtual team composed of different people from different parts of the world just [CLICK HERE].

  • Next step?

If you want to learn more about how you can migrate your business on the internet or like the idea of traveling permanently while running a business, then I am more than willing to help you make this dream a reality.

Or if you’re planning to start an online business and you need help, send me a message at and we can arrange a call to discuss things in more detail.

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